Like every little girl I had that dream of my own little farmyard with plenty of dogs and horses.

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Everything started in 2004 on the way to holiday were we bought some dog magazines. We found an advertisement with the title “St. Bernhards puppys for sale”. It was a pleasant thought but at that time we lived in a flat because of some renovational work at our new house. During our stay the topic was daily discussed and on our way home we called the breeder and asked for a visit. First, we agreed that there wouldn’t be any puppys left but to our astonishment they still had two of them. Everyone of us secretly knew that this visit would not end as a trial. So, we startet back for home and were accompnied by two long haired puppys whose names were “Beethoven” and “Bohous”. For a short time they lived with us in the flat.

During this time they matured and developed extraordinary skills in order to adapt to the narrow corridors. They became able to open doors by themselves, could walk backwards and often stole food from the table. We accelarated the renovation and after we were finished we could move to our privately owned home. There the two had plenty of space to play in the backyard and additionally a huge kennel wherein they slept not a single night. A few years later the happiness was overshadowed by the death of Bohous. It was a disastrous situation in which his brother found himself in and he not only stopped eating due to his sadness but also lost his interest in family life and laid around the whole day. We decided that we had to bring him another playfellow. For that reason it was ATHOS VEL BERN CITY who originated from the breeder Alena Matlova, who became our new family member. After a brief period of time those two got along very well and soon afterwards we enlarged the size of the pack once more. Meanwhile we have a considerable grown number of theese wonderful dogs.

We also started to have Chinese Crested Dog which are also breeded according to the standards of FCI Group.

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